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Portland EDM Greats Announce Break Up

The group announced the disbandment on Facebook with an official statement, followed by a more personal one from founder and singer John Monster saying the decision rested on his shoulders. If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week “I take full responsibility for the decision to part ways with […]

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How To Gain The Power To Create Musical Emotion Have you ever wondered how your favorite musicians make such great music? The answer is this: They fully understand how musical emotion works, and how to use this to create intense emotions in YOU while you listen to them. Understanding musical expression is key to becoming a great guitar player and musician. When you control emotion in music, you will gain the power to greatly affect the listener's experience. […]

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Electronic music

4 Things That Kill Your Chances For Music Career Success What do you believe is the number one thing that musicians are doing to ruin their chances at succeeding in the music industry? Is it: not practicing their instrument enough? Not putting together enough good music industry connections? Living in a city with no music scene? The answer to all of this is NO - none of these things. There can be countless reasons why a musician would fail […]

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John Vale

John has a long history in radio mainly on the production side of the industry, although his career path did not include time in radio but rather as an outsider closely associated with many radio personalities that did make their career in radio. Passionate about radio production, John has rekindled his interest by joining the volunteer staff at RPP and presenting music programmes on RPP +Plus as well as background production. Often working from home in his home recording studio with fellow presenter – Ron Deane who has presented the programme Opera Favourites on RPP for many years.


Ron Deane

“Like many young people of my age, I came to classical music and opera in particular through my High School’s music programme and later through the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. I had singing lessons for years, but soon realised that I would never make a living out of singing. I did sing with the chorus of Australian Opera and with the West Australian G&S Society. I fell in love with the sound of the human voice and began collecting records and now have several thousand LP’s, CDs and DVDs. My other great musical loves include Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler, Sibelius, Schubert and Elgar and I conduct a local Men’s Choir.” Ron has presented Opera Favourites on RPP for many years (currently nearly 500 episodes) every Wednesday at 1.00pm.


Don Smith

Don Smith recalls, as a teenager, bicycling through English winter nights to get home from Night School, where he was studying to be an Industrial Chemist, in time to listen to BBC radio’s late night jazz shows with music from people like Kenny Baker and Humphrey Lyttleton. He was also lucky to obtain a family radio set to receive the American Forces Network from Germany to hear the late shows of legendary jazz broadcaster Willis Conover.


Gary Turner

Gary Turner is a Mornington Peninsula based, Radio Journalist/Media Adviser with more than 30 years’ experience in print and electronic media, corporate affairs and media liaison. Gary has extensive experience in broadcasting as an announcer, station manager, music programmer, news reading and promotions and has experience in publicity and event management and is well known for his MC/Compere work on the Mornington Peninsula for the Australia Day Council.


John Frazer

John developed an appreciation for music of the 1930’s and 40’s at an early age and started collecting 78rpm discs at around 12 years old. Following a visit to a local outside broadcast for his local radio station in 1963, he was amazed to see the producer spinning in recorded radio commercials on 78rpm discs and transcribed radio programs on 16” radio transcriptions.