John Frazer

John Fraser’s career ultimately led him in the business arena where he maintained his interest in old records, recorded commercials and the old serials and collected them whenever the opportunity arose.

His interest in radio enabled him to get to know many of the staff at RPP and it was a logical progression that he was invited to help out in the recording of many programs for later replay. John still has examples of many of these recordings in his archive and plays them on his program.

John developed an appreciation for music of the 1930’s and 40’s at an early age and started collecting 78rpm discs at around 12 years old. Following a visit to a local outside broadcast for his local radio station in 1963, he was amazed to see the producer spinning in recorded radio commercials on 78rpm discs and transcribed radio programs on 16” radio transcriptions.

In 1988 John first became associated with RPP and helped producers and presenters until he got his break and started his own nostalgia program ‘Thursday Afternoon Matinee’ that later became known as ‘Radio as it Used to Sound’.

All up John has presented in excess of 3,000 hours of radio for RPP and he hopes to continue this for a few years yet.

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